Cath Newman Yoga & Meditation


Welcome, Namaste!

Yoga & Meditation are two of the most ancient wholesome and proven ways in which to positively influence our physical & emotional health

How do you take care of your self?

How often do you stop and take a breath? Perhaps not often enough?

We all need a breathing space.

It’s essential that we dedicate time to our own health and well being. Make space to find out how we really feel. Create opportunities to replenish lost energy and recharge the batteries.

Far from being selfish - the gift of personal time and space is an essential component of a healthy physical, emotional and engaged life. This work we do for our selves benefits everyone with whom we come into contact.

When we learn how to create this breathing space life is richer and we may begin to experience positive changes that ripple throughout our lives and help us to live with more compassion and awareness.

The practices of Yoga and Meditation are two of the most ancient, wholesome and proven ways in which to discover a breathing space that is uniquely yours.

Yoga aids the physical maintaining of the body’s health and well being. It also promotes relief from stress, anxiety and depression. It can help to build confidence and deepen self esteem. During and after illness, physical or mental, it helps to guide us back to wholeness and healing.

Mindfulness Meditation allows us the time and space to become aware of how we’re feeling. It gives us the opportunity to take the foot off the stress peddle and find our peaceful centre, even in the toughest of situations. Benefits of a regular practice are wide ranging and positively enhance our physical and mental well being.

Yoga and Meditation offer the possibility of a more self-aware, compassionate life. And they both ask you to come as you are. Starting from where you are. However you find yourself right now.

Age is of no consequence. Size, shape, weight, lifestyle, previous experience, fitness . . no consequence.

Yoga and Meditation spread peace. And peace starts with you - starting from where you are now!